Episode #8, Amelia Bywater and Rebecca Wilcox – lang. nest. ins.

A gas-tower production lang. nest. ins.

A video by Amelia Bywater and Rebecca Wilcox.

The video is built with a series of short clips.

[Nested, wrapped into the body, camera phones, intimacies and technologies. A pattern plays out – the sequence is deliberate but not wholly exhausted – the pattern repeats, but doesn’t mean the thing that comes next is the only thing that can happen. Modification. Response. Sequencing. Excess. Overflow.

Woven together with writing as text and voice.

Movement of the body through streets (and commerce); the body and the movement and the recording encrypted with chains of messages (speech) of commodities and commerce. Access is made possible only by way of a recording. Excess of information through bodily interfaces; language, solvency, debt. Not just a site or moment of dialectic exchange, it’s active, reading, coding, producing, informing. Insolvency is the refusal to pay debt (literally).]

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