Episode #4, Rob Kennedy, Pete Dowling and Karena Nomi – Recipe for feedback (Storegga Slides)

A gas-tower production with Rob Kennedy, Pete Dowling & Karena Nomi

Episode #4, Recipe for feedback (Storegga Slides) is a video and audio collage. The video is composed of footage from camera phone stills and dv video and is part documentation and part exploration of the working production process of the collaborating artists Rob Kennedy, Pete Dowling and Karena Nomi.  Episode #4,  Recipe for feedback (Storegga Slides) presents a number of questions raised by their collective work, concerning relationships between rehearsal and ‘liveness’ while examining ways in which language and non verbal sound influence the structuring of our physical and social environments.




Episode #2, A Certain Lack of Coherence in the Cosmic Microwave Radiation.

A gas-tower video series

001 – ‘Yes, A Certain Lack of Coherence’, 2013, Duration 6′ 15″.
002 – ‘Santa Catarina’, 2013, Duration 6′ 41″.
003 – ‘Green Whistle’, 2013, Duration 27′ 12″.

With thanks to Mauro, Andre, Nina and Pedro at Uma Certa Falta de Coerencia Porto and all at Transmission Gallery Glasgow . xx